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Leading the CBD revolution with world-class hemp farming and extraction technology, and industry-leading marketing.

Our ancestors have utilized the hemp plant for over 10,000 years as a food crop, for fuel, material, rope, animal feed and medicine. Our main focus is the remarkable health benefits we can utilize from this plant for both humans and animals.

These health benefits include;

Improved Attitude

Reduced Anxiety

Improved Relaxation

Improved Focus

We believe Oregon to be the "silicon valley" of CBD innovation. It has 4,100 licenses in a population of over 4 million and this has created a short market cycle, meaning a severe price drop in raw product. Sophisticated populations demand high quality, meaning Oregon is the perfect market for innovation and efficiency to meet consumer demands. More than any other state in the US, Oregon has honed its quality and efficiency to a point where it is able to produce a superior quality product at considerably lower prices.

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