Stephen Sweeny

Stephen Sweeny

Chief Product Officer

Stephen is an expert grower and farmer of CBD. He owns one of the premier cannabis production facilities in Portland, Oregon (processing more than 50,000lbs of premium cannabis worth over $50 million) where he has gained extensive experience in the growth, processing and distribution of cannabis to over 400 dispensaries.

He has been at the forefront of extraction innovation in the industry through his ownership in Luna Technologies (“Luna”). Luna manufactures industry leading hydrocarbon extraction equipment with annual revenues of around $6 million.

Stephen has complete leadership and control over the process from seed to shelf and works with our farmers from planting and growing our proprietary hemp genetics, through to harvesting and then processing using our state of the art hydrocarbon extraction machines and finally mixing our tasty products with our high-quality, lab tested and certified oils. Stephen makes sure our brands only have the highest quality CBD from the lab until they reach our customers’ doorstep.

As an industry expert, Stephen also consults for, and provides assistance to, companies applying for licensure for medical and recreational cannabis in Nevada and Florida. Stephen was born and raised in Portland Oregon. He received his bachelor’s degree in business from Arizona State University in 2012. After college he worked in Real estate doing compliance auditing for section 42 tax credit properties with section 8 housing assistance vouchers.

Stephen enjoys reading history and any chance to get outdoors to ski or golf. He currently volunteers for the Oregon Food Bank, Oregon Ballet Theatre and the Oregon Wave Energy Trust.

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